Regaining Control
• Regardless of where you are in the world, Eventay will find the perfect venue to your exact specifications.
• Having physical presence in London enables Eventay to have local knowledge of London’s hidden gems of unusual venues and hotels.
• Eventay guarantees that your VIPs are supplied with everything they need, from 5 star hotels to luxury transportation.

Generating Revenue
• With Eventay, Event organisers earn money through a commercial sharing scheme via commission.
• Preferential rates are available for event organisers, plus options for upgrades and complimentary rooms.
• Eventay provides a stress-free experience, dealing with billing errors, complaints and any problems which may occur.

Saving Time
• Event organisers save themselves hassle when they link the Eventay booking solution to their event website.
• Special services are available such as Meet & Greet services at airports.
• Eventay is a flexible solution, facilitating last minute changes and ensuring that your event runs smoothly.