Hotel Sourcing
• Eventay provides a solution which offers a bespoke Hotel and Accommodation Booking Page.
• Eventay allows both your event exhibition and visitors to view a selection of hotels at specially negotiated rates.
• Eventay is designed to manage crises that unexpectedly arise.

Generating Revenue
• Eventay can generate revenue for you, thanks to their attractive shared commission policy.
• Room blocking, which doesn’t cost you a penny, ensures that you have the supply without the financial outlay.
• Eventay can waive your hotel cancellation fees, because they can resell unsold rooms for you.

Saving Time
• Eventay takes the admin strain with no fees, getting to work quickly and efficiently got you.
• Eventay collates the information you need and create reports so that you don’t have to chase the data.
  The report can help you lower your cost further for future events.
• No one else can offer you the great hotel relationships and the large amount of rooms that Eventay can.